Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ok, im back

I started thinking what's a good interest to write about and nothing really pop out. So I decided to write about one of my great loves in my life: Snoopy.
He is being with me thru the good times and the bad ones, so I figure I can't lose with him..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My job

Ok, so I have notice I live a really boring life, so theres not much to blog about my life but theres is my job wich I consider: A cool and rewarding job to have...
I work in a veterinary clinic as a vet tech. I work with dogs, cats, pigs and sometimes goats, I do not handle horses they scare me..
Before I made the move up north I used to work with dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, ferrets, rats, reptials, etc...but i move to a small little city and theres no pocket pets or reptiles here as pets..theres large animal, mainly farm animals...its a new experience but i dont like the smell of them...but it is fun =)

My main job is helping the doctors do their job of helping animals, for example:
Restraing a pet for their exam.
Give vaccinations.
Get blood samples.
Do x-rays.
Monitor anesthesia during sx.
Clean and walk dogs.
Give medications to pets..etc..etc..

It sounds fun but sometimes its really hard work..

Firts story: its just happend last week, a dachshund puppy came to the clinic with symptoms of vomiting for 6 days, not eatig not drinking fluids, the only thing he did was non-stop vomiting. We dedided to take an x-ray, and yes right there in his intestins there was a foreing body(meaning poss a toy, rock, bone) so he need sx ASAP..But he was really week and going into we decided to do the surgery the next day..

So we get the puppy into sx and yes there in the intestin is a nut of some sort, we still dont know what kind but its the size of a golf ball..the dog was never going to be able to pass it by himself..
So the sx went fine and in good amount of time, the doctor is starting to close the skin when the puppy start going into cardiac arrest, his oxygen starts dropping and he is dying in the table, we start doing CPR and giving him medication to try and revive him, its was the wors half and hour trying to save him, it was hell, finally he starts to take breaths by himself but he is to week and his gums are stll pale, so were thinking maybe he needs a blood transfusion. I think it took him 3 hours to be stable and the next day he was running in the cage, trying to bite at his IV line and barking non stop..He went home happy eating like he hasnt eating before and no more vomiting..Another happy dog leaving us...